Tuesday, March 3 | 2009

Seminar on Transportation Infrastructure in the Future
~ PPP or Privatization ~

JITI Newsletter No. 7   Jul. 2007

JITI publishes reports which are the culmination of our research efforts.
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The Institution for Transport Policy Studies/Japan International Transport Institute (ITPS/JITI), Washington DC Office is a Japanese non profit organization, which was established in 1991. Our activities are fully supported by the Nippon Foundation, which is world-renowned for assisting organizations that contribute to the public interest.

We gather world-renowned intellectuals to consider solutions to various urgent issues in the international community in the transportation sector and make recommendations to the public. Specifically, these issues include countermeasures against air pollution and global warming caused by automobiles, further liberalization of international aviation and desirable transport security.

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research organization established in Washington DC (U.S.A) in 2008. JITI USA took over ITPS/JITI Washington DC Office's research activities.
  Activities of our institute are made possible through the generous assistance of the Nippon Foundation.