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Breakthroughs In Logistics
Transforming the Transportation Industry Through the Latest Information Technologies

December 5, 2000

Washington Monarch Hotel

The Japan International Transport Institute under the Auspices of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Japan International Tranport Institute
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Activities of our institute are made possible through the generous assistance of the Nippon Foundation.

  Breakthroughs In Logistics
Transforming the Transportation Industry Through the Latest Information Technologies

With the support of the Department of Transportation and Japanese Ministry of Transport, the Japan International Transport Institute (JITI) has held conferences on U.S.- Japan Cooperation in Transportation every year since 1993 . The 7th annual conference took place on December 5th, 2000.

Close cooperation in the broad field of transportation is vital to the overall relationship between the US and Japan. Today our countries must consider many transportation issues beyond the well-established fields of civil aviation and maritime transport. New and important areas requiring our attention include: access to transportation systems for the disabled, environmentally sound transportation systems that put less burden on the air and marine environment, and the development of more advanced and more comfortable high-speed railway systems. There is also another emerging issue which needs our attention, on which an exchange of opinions is vital to fostering stronger cooperation. This topic, the subject of our seventh conference, is using information technology for innovations in logistics.

Katsuji Doi
President, Japan International Transport Institute;
Special Advisor to the Minister of Transport
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Mortimer Downey
Deputy Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation
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Alan Larson
Under Secretary for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs
U.S. Department of State
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Yasuaki Numamoto
Vice President and Director, NEC Planning Research
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Roy Shapiro
Philip Caldwell Professor of Business Administration
Faculty Chair, Technology and Operations Management Harvard Business School

Tsuguhiko Kanata
Director for Information System and Logistics, Nippon Express
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Dale Hayes
Vice President for Customer Relationship Management and Business Development , United Parcel Service
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