Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Masahiko Kurono

Mr. Masahiko Kurono is currently Senior Executive Advisor of Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA). He was the former President and CEO of the company, which was privatized on April 1, 2004 during his term. As the first President and CEO of the privatized company, Mr. Kurono demonstrated strong leadership and focused his attention on improving customer service and cost efficiency and also expanding revenue in order to have the company listed on the stock market at the earliest possible opportunity. As a result of his effort, NAA was successful in introducing a revolutionary charging system based on aircraft noise index categories and effectively lowered its landing charges by an average of 21%. This has helped to encourage the use of quieter aircraft at the airport while also resulting in further reduction in CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Mr. Kurono oversaw the opening of the exclusive duty-free shopping malls, "Narita 5th Avenue" and "Narita Nakamise," at Narita's two terminals. The malls have transformed the airside areas from ordinary airport facilities into attractive and luxurious shopping zones, thereby greatly expanding Narita's revenue.

Furthermore, he has made every effort to solve the outstanding land acquisition issues for the parallel runway which has been the biggest item of concern at Narita.

Mr. Kurono has a long, distinguished career in the Ministry of Transport. He served as Vice Minister between 1997 and 1999 and as Director General of the Civil Aviation Bureau between 1995 and 1997, and was instrumental in the liberalization of air transport in Japan. As the General Manager of the Department for the Reform of National Railways in 1990, he successfully oversaw the privatization of Japan's state-owned railways.

Mr. Kurono graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor of Law in 1964.